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pposition.? Full story EU urges cooperation with ICC on Gaddafi arrest BRUSSELS, July 18 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) on Monday called the international community for more c

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the poll. "Latinos and Asians are far more likely to be registered as Democrats than whites, and Democrats hold these views more closely, " said Peyton Craighill, who supervised th

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ho had ruled the oil-rich Latin American country since 1998 and whose illness has heightened the country's political rivalry. "I cannot believe, I had been told that Chavez would

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no to express "Brazil's total support and solidarity with President Correa and the Ecuadorian democratic institutions." Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Mexic

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e Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas. The Colombian government has neither confirmed nor denied the report, but former President Alvaro Uribe was posting details of the agreemen

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st him with no evidence. "I responded to each allegation with supporting documents that the press ignored. Even fully contested, the accusations were repeated in the news for days

男人插曲身体视频 -四个月的孕妇孕交视频

ave managed to make gains in their efforts to contain a wildfire that has been ravaging the eastern parts of the U.S. state of Arizona for the past 13 days, authorities said on Sa