ll as interdiction strike packages, which can mean jamming and electronic warfare. He expects U.S. planes to fly some combat missions after the handover. Special Report: Foreign M.

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(Xinhua) -- U.S. minority groups confront discrimination in their employment and occupation, according to the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2010 issued by China on.

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d early Sunday, spewing a tall column of ash and smoke into the sky. The 2,130-meter-high volcano, located in the Central American country's department of San Miguel, is one of th.

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n population bitterly divided. But both Humala and Fujimori said prior to Sunday's polling that they would respect the official results and work to build a new government of natio.

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in the day with President Dilma Rousseff was for emergency talks dedicated to tackling energy problems. Reservoirs in the country are currently at low levels, but Lobao said the u.

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owth. "CELAC has everything it needs to defeat poverty," Pinera said. "It has an abundance of natural resources and hardworking people that deserve a better future." More than 40 h .

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start getting serious about saving for retirement -- saw a 54 percent drop between 2007 and 2010, noted Morrissey. Indeed, that group's rate of loss is considerably higher than th.

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children's furniture, as well as memorabilia items and furs. Jackson's wife, Sandra, also entered a plea agreement and would appear before a judge in the afternoon. WASHINGTON, Ma.

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Friday at advance polls where people could cast their ballots early. Long lines were reported at some polls -- with half-hour waits at one station in Montreal's Outremont. Pollst.

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