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ast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, it will forward the information immediately to a priority emergency e-mail distribution list, according to the government. The EMBC will als


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velations about the scope of U.S. emails and Internet communications that can get scooped up by the NSA. The NSA's surveillance efforts were "a narrowly focused program that is foc.

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about 5,000 in El Salvador, more than 3,500 people in Guatemala and at least 3,400 in and around Mexico's port city of Manzanillo. Mexican emergency personnel, led by the country'.

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the most aggressive street gang. The group mainly operates in Central America, southern Mexico and the United States. Honduran prisons face an overcrowding problem, with a total .

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ussia, was jolted by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake killing 1,989 people. - May 10, 1997: Jorasan province in the east of Iran was devastated by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, killing 1,5.

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Weapons Convention (CNWC) also appealed to the Canadian government to implement the 2010 motion, adopted unanimously by Parliament, to support the UN Secretary-General's Five Poi.

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eo, threatening attacks on the United States, terrorist monitoring group SITE said Monday. Mehsud, who was reported killed in a U.S. drone strike in January, appeared in the nine-.

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ASILIA, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Dozens of Indian demonstrators on Wednesday clashed with security guards of the Brazilian Congress, leaving several people light injured. About 150 Indi.

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as if they had been proven to be true," he said. The Federal Police launched an investigation this week into the allegations, including bribery and tender manipulation. So far Rouss.

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14 percent unemployment, no likelihood of jobs -- what do you think they're going to do?" Bratton said at the time. Villaraigosa warned that "to just release folks without a safet.

MV3在线播放 -365新年快乐dvd

r-old politician quit in March from his post as the chairman of House Ways and Means Committee, a powerful tax-writing body. After Tuesday's conviction, the full House ethics comm.


spital, according to local media reports. The authorities ruled out any connection between the incident and terrorism, but said it was not clear if there was a connection between

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or defense official. "Obviously, he sees this as a valuable forum to meet with his counterparts, but also to hear from the region and meet with and discuss regional issues," said

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the effect of such a project on the environment," said Mary Simon, president of Inuit Taparit Kanatami, a group that lobbies the government. "I respect those views and I respect .

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ll story UN, U.S. to host donors' conference for Haiti NEW YORK, March 4 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations and the United States will co-host a ministerial donors conference for Haiti.

MV3在线播放 -365新年快乐dvd

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Lval. But then President Uribe said it was unnecessary, adding he just extended earlier laws. Related: Colombian court postpones decision on military pact with U.S. BOGOTA, Aug. 11 (X.

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during the past year that his administration will return to fiscal discipline. However, his budget proposal for 2011 with a record deficit indicates that the U.S. fiscal policy .

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e court's announcement. "It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Wa.

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me soon. "Because our senators and representatives concern themselves primarily with re-election rather than what is the best for our nation." Adkins, 54, a financial consultant f

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t U.S. national security at risk. But some Republicans appeared reluctant to support the treaty, citing concerns over the change of nuclear inspection regime and the negative imp

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emanding again explanations from the U.S. government. Rousseff said in the statement that if the latest news are indeed proven, they will confirm that the U.S. motivation has nothi

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