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mpared with the same period last year. "Intel delivered record-setting results again in Q3, surpassing 14 billion dollars in revenue for the first time, driven largely by double-d


re continuing to process new applications for the skilled worker program. But there has to be a limit or the backlog will grow infinitely." Kenney, the Conservative Party MP for Ca.


e-fire in order to allow humanitarian aid into the country. The group also recognized the Syrian National Council (SNC) as the "legitimate representative" for the Syrian people. U.


gatherings. WASHINGTON, April 19 (Xinhua) -- Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the world's second-largest seller of health-care products, achieved 16.2 billion U.S. dollars in sales for .


, who have never elected a member to Canada's parliament, all released their platforms. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, seen as the only party leader with a serious chance of end.

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o means fully assured. He said that the G20, credible as a principal global forum for economic leadership, must honor its past commitments by taking policies of effective and sust.

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truction after the Jan. 12 devastating earthquake. During the ceremony for signing several agreements with Haiti, Lula said "it is time for the world to express solidarity forgivin.

orces in Haiti for rescue operation are in cooperation with the Haiti government and the U.N. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week during her visit to Haiti that.

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