tion that the launch is a cover for missile test, saying the 91-ton three-stage rocket does not have the same "attack power" as a ballistic missile. Related: DPRK space official sa.

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ays the bill is the first to be sent to the oil company, but he is not sure how long the company has to pay the bill. The White House has said BP will ultimately be responsible fo.

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politicians, including Luciana Genro, who is also running for presidency, used Twitter to express their condolences. Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer released in early after.

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us in the United States," said Lee Baca. "We cannot afford to not be aware of what happened in New York." He said he was unaware of any new threats to the L.A. region, but his dep.

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The U.S. government would wind down investments in the nation's financial companies made after the financial crisis in a timely manner, a White House spokesman said Monday, one da.

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ibuster. To gain Republicans' support, the president unveiled a 10-year, 950-billion-dollar proposal before the highlighted bipartisan summit last week, claiming to have braced Re .

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..." Brauchler said Hanlon was not a "medical" doctor, had not interviewed family members or others for more information, had not administered a test within the recognized timefr.

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to as Rio+20 to be held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. "The possibility of sowing the seeds for a proposal that can push forward the development agenda is based upon the concept.

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cond Independence" said, "Faced with (U.S.) attempts to divide and defeat us, Latin America needs to remain united." Cuba, one of the founding members of the OAS, failed to restor.

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