to making the dream of having a house come true, the investment we make in the construction of homes generates jobs and income for millions of Brazilians." RIO DE JANEIRO, March 1.

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ves and friends in China. "I really love the design incorporating paper-cut and Chinese calligraphy, very typical of the Chinese tradition," he said. The stamp is the fifth of twel.

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's Simon Fraser University and associate professor in the Department of Humanities and Asia-Canada Program, about 95,000 Chinese paid the tax. "Really, the pressure (to implement .

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airline group KLM will launch new direct flights to Cuba next week in a bid to increase the number of Dutch tourists interested in visiting the Caribbean island, the Cuban Minist.

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eral governmental organizations such as the Social Security Administration, the Federal Revenue Secretariat, and the Brazilian Environmental Institute (Ibama). Rousseff also said t.

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f former president of Argentina Nestor Kirchner and former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. Rossi also underscored the importance of bilateral agreements aimed at promoting the tr .

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52,000 from the week earlier. Economists said last week's figure was a fresh sign that the job market recovery remained fragile and volatile. In addition, the U.S. private sector a.

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ign Secretary Salman Bashir, and Pakistani General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Army. The delegation is to return to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The Unit.

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sant Avenue in Ferguson, Mo., dominated by protestors. The situation in local area has been tense since a unarmed black teeanger, Michael Brown, was fatally shot by police on Aug..

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