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workers have been helping with the cleanup from the Gulf oil spill. People were also forced to hide inside their homes and at a school after the leak was reported. Emergency offic

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. 30 (Xinhua) -- Around 3,000 people have been amputated in Port-au-Prince due to the Jan. 12 devastating earthquake, an official with a non-governmental organization (NGO) told

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ack Obama has called the measure "poorly conceived," and warned of harassment against Hispanics under the law. Attorney General Eric Holder, on his part, said Tuesday the federal

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e Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The number of observers in this runoff is more than nine times higher than the average registered since 2002 (20 observers), as well as the number

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es, projects may be funded entirely through private sectors dollars. In others, private dollars may be leveraged with government loan and grant programs, said the USDA. WASHINGTON

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The U.S. embargo was reinforced in October of that year by the "Torricelli Law," which fines subsidiaries of U.S. companies that trade with the Cuban government. The law also denie

男生子三日怀卵 -0ld中国老妈

ma said the government is still monitoring all potential terror scenarios and is keeping its vigilance, especially with the 9/11 anniversary approaching. He said the United States