-- The mayor of Tancitaro, a small town in the central Mexican state Michoacan, was found hacked to death, the State Attorney's Office told Mexican broadcaster Milenio. Gustavo S.

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t ballot. Canadian diplomats, seeing Portugal far ahead with 113 votes to Canada's 78 votes in the run-off election for a second seat, abruptly dropped the bid. "Not being able to .

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erflow which resulted in the collapse of several tons of stones and earth. "Seven houses and 12 cars were buried" in a popular neighborhood of that town, Gualdon told Xinhua, spea.

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d States in the 2016 election in June, described the United States as "a dumping ground for the rest of the world," according to local TV station KPRC. Since June, the outspoken G.

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3,000 tones of uranium from Canada in the coming five years. Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada said "Canada 's trade in nuclear materials with India is a direct .

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e opposition on the election arrangement resulted in the delay. Before the East Caribbean Supreme Court could make the final rule, the country's parliament had ended its term and .

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uspect, wrestling him to the ground, The Houston Chronicle quoted Gilliland as saying. Twelve people were rushed to area hospitals after the stabbing while two others refused treat.

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r curbing a negative side-effect of the S-Comm, that crime victims or witnesses might be afraid to report crimes for fear of being deported, he said. "ICE officers, special agents.

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nothing led him to believe conditions were unsafe aboard the rig prior to the blast. He also said he didn't feel that a visit to the Deepwater Horizon rig by two Transocean offic.

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