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countries, Mexico's Public Security Minister Genaro Garcia Luna said on Wednesday. Speaking at the 28th International Conference on the Fight Against Drugs held in Mexico's state


ed following the major 7.3-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, devastating the island of some 9 million people and killing at least 250,000. The second round was also p.


a statement confirming his death Sunday. De la Madrid served as finance minister from 1978 to 1981 before his presidency. During his six-year tenure, the buying power of Mexican s.


the 33 has pneumonia, while other two have teeth problems. Meanwhile, President Sebastian Pinera on Thursday morning visited the 33 of them at the hospital and invited them to a .


aid his country would continue working arduously for the bloc with Costa Rica and other member states to fight poverty, hunger and inequality in the region. Prior to the transfer,.

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vote in a state which is not only President Obama's home state, but also extremely democratic. Because our election is done via electoral college, the popular vote is almost irre.

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2010 climbed to 49.9 million. -- In the last 10 years, death caused by prescription drugs in America had doubled and that one would die from taking prescription drug every 14 minu.

huaia, Fernandez said, "We came here to remember the men who wear their medals and decorations won in battle and the hundreds of young men who fought in the islands." A 74-day war .

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