ed the country's name to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. July 30, 2000, Chavez was reelected president under the new constitution. April 11, 2002, Chavez was ousted in a brief.

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Michel. Some critics said the compromise was only a short-term solution and played accounting tricks, as it would balance the state budget mostly by postponing payments to schools.

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. She could face a tough fight in November. Boxer has reported that she had raised 2.4 million U.S. dollars in the first three months of 2010. Her closest rival in the fundraising.

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space science, life sciences, space exploration and other areas of mutual interest. The goal is to expand scientific exchanges and inspire the next generation of scientists and .

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from auspicious for the evolution of the regional labor market," according to the joint study by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Internationa.

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se spokesman Jay Carney raised the prospect, pointing to the advances made by the opposition on the battlefields and their growth in strength. "As the opposition makes strategic ad .

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uaviare department to take them out from there," Uribe said. "Both of them are with our forces at present," the president said. "The rescue was made in a rural zone of Calamar muni.

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who earlier this year is alleged to have leaked 90,000 logs of the Afghanistan war, which was also made public by Wikileaks, according to the Guardian. The New York Times said th.

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e crowd of swimmers had built up enough courage for the frigid water, and there was nothing left to do but take the dip. Just a few seconds seemed to be enough for most of the sw.

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