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ages, her husband stopped her. "You are not going anywhere, because it is so bad," her husband said. The next morning, Galvan went to her store, saddened by what she saw inside the

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h, the British company said on Friday. The agreement includes the sale of BP's 75 percent operated working interest in the Pompano field and assets and 50 percent non-operated work

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by the House of Commons Public Safety and National Intelligence Committee, Fadden said his comments, which suggested some Canadian politicians are being influenced by foreign gove

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t will suffer from El Nino, which is estimated to be strong from November to March, official said Wednesday. The program is to preserve agricultural resources, with 18 million U.S.

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olombia's recently reelected President Juan Manuel Santos Monday met here with his new cabinet to map out the political strategy for his second term . The meeting agenda includes

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2012, told Xinhua on Thursday. It is projected that the world's demand for energy will climb 40 percent by 2030. James Watson, director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental En

三太太百度网盘 -哆啦A梦:奴役万界

storms, flooding and droughts, happen frequently. BOGOTA, July 9 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) killed at least three police officers and injured